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Brian Haley
The Hooded Avenger

The Character

The Hooded Avenger is Al'snext-door neighbor and the most frequent visitor to Al's cave.The Hooded Avenger usually provides the guidance to Al whenever Almakes a mistake. Other activities of The Avenger include fightingcrime and getting Al's mail while Al's on vacation.

The Actor

Under the mask, Brian Haley has a buzz-cut that he attributes tohis love of ska and the '60s. Unlike the Michigan Daily articlestates, Haley says, "I was never a sergeant in the Army. It was ashort stint I did out of high school (3 years) just to get away,travel, and pay for college. While in the army my hair was muchlonger."

Haley is a stand-up comic who has also been in many movies,including "Baby's Day Out" and "McHale's Navy."

  • Filmography
  • Michigan Daily Article

    Episode Appearances

  • Episode #3601: He Ain't Heavy, He'sMy Hamster
  • Episode #3602: Mining Accident
  • Episode #3603: Bad Influence
  • Episode #3605: Back to School
  • Episode #3606: One for the RecordBooks
  • Episode #3607: Because I Said So
  • Episode #3608: The Competition
  • Episode #3609: Time Machine
  • Episode #3610: Al Gets Robbed
  • Episode #3612: Talent Show
  • Episode #3613: The Obligatory HolidayEpisode
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