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Quote of the Moment

Al: you know, Bobby, I would show you an educational film on the subject that I already showed you, but based on your recent behavior, I think there's another film you should watch.

    Announcer: What are manners? Manners are the rules we all live by that keep us from beating the living daylights out of each other. When Mary goes over to visit her friend Sally, and Sally tells her that she smells funny, that's not very good manners, is it? No. And it's liable to hurt her manners, too.

    What would a good host do? A polite host wears a sweater identical to the one his friend is wearing. That makes his guest feel at ease.

    What other ways can we be courteous? Well, when you attend a school assembly and you have to sit through a boring puppet show, don't talk. Don't say a word. Just act like it's the funniest thing you've ever seen in your life. Then get up and leave quickly before they do an encore.

    When eating in restaurants, remember: the left fork is for the salad, the middle fork is for the main course, and the last fork is for defending yourself against rabid wolverines.

    And most importantly, always remember those three magic words: please, thanks, and uvula. Try repeating these helpful phrases after me. "Please move, you're standing on my neck." "Thanks so much for the giant bag of goat droppings." "My, but you have a lovely uvula." I hope these little handy hints will help you to mind your manners.

-- Episode #3609

Recent Updates

TWAS on DVD?! Holy Crap!
Start saving up your money, kiddos, because the release date of The Weird Al Show on DVD is approaching at the end of this summer.

According to Amazon.com, the entire 13-episode run of "The Weird Al Show" will be released in a three-disc set on DVD August 15, 2006. It's news that I have to say I never thought I'd be able to report. Very nice.

Read more at the official site, including the DVD's cover art.

Ultimate Video Collection
All of "Weird Al"'s music videos are available on DVD in his Ultimate Video Collection. It also includes a few music clips from The Weird Al Show: the animated introduction, Livin' In The Fridge from Episode #3601, Bad Haircut from Episode #3604, and Lasagna from Episode #3605.

Order the DVD at Amazon.com.

Poodle Hat
Now available in finer music stores everywhere, "Weird Al"'s latest album, "Poodle Hat." Twelve new songs of material from Al! Plus, pop the disc in your computer to watch some of Al's actual Home Movies!

Order the album at Amazon.com.

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There are a couple other web sites about The Weird Al Show.

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    What's Next For The Show?
    The Weird Al Show officially left the air in September 1998. No network has expressed interest in adding Al's show to their lineup. There are also no plans to release the episodes for commercial sale. Just cross your fingers, and follow Al's latest projects, available at The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Site.

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    CBS' Description

    "The Weird Al Show" is an upbeat, comedic, live-action/mixed media series in the spirit of "Pee Wee's Playhouse" starring "Weird Al" Yankovic, who hosts the show from a secret workshop located miles below the surface of the earth. Each week, Al is visited by celebrity guests and recurring characters. The program will feature an assortment of film segments that showcase Al's clever use of parodies and animated shorts. The series helps children respect one another's differences and think for themselves in various social situations and teaches goal-setting.

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