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Mining Accident
Episode #3602

Dates Aired

  1. September 27, 1997
  2. December 27, 1997
  3. March 28, 1998
  4. June 27, 1998

Food of the Week

Lima bean cookies, made with lima bean cookie dough, and split pea fudge


Lesson of the Day

You should try to understand and appreciate people who are different from you. Don't make quick judgments.


Song Lyrics


  • WAV: Today's Lesson RealAudio: Today's Lesson Today's Lesson
  • WAV: Today's Food RealAudio: Today's Food Today's Food
  • WAV: Maybe There's Something We Can Do RealAudio: Maybe There's Something We Can Do Maybe There's Something We Can Do
  • WAV: Phil Frye the Science Guy RealAudio: Phil Frye the Science Guy Phil Frye the Science Guy
  • WAV: Words Are Powerful RealAudio: Words Are Powerful Words Are Powerful
  • WAV: Got Milk? RealAudio: Got Milk? Got Milk?
  • WAV: Our Friend Dirt RealAudio: Our Friend Dirt Our Friend Dirt
  • WAV: Red or Blue? RealAudio: Red or Blue? Red or Blue?
  • WAV: Cheese Is Good RealAudio: Cheese Is Good Cheese Is Good
  • WAV: What Did We Learn Today? RealAudio: What Did We Learn Today? What Did We Learn Today?


  • Harvey is shot out of a cannon.

27 References

  • There are no 27s in the show, but the show first aired on September 27, 1997.
  • This episode repeated on both December 27, 1997 and June 27, 1998.


Al is trying to write a song about cheese when he is interrupted by an explosion. A portion of his wall caves in, and a group of miners burst in. The miners are apparently lost and apologize for destroying Al's wall. Then they say that they'll fix it.

Al is upset by the way the miners' act and thinks they are dirty, disgusting people. After many arguments, the two finally learn to get along. Al solves a problem for the miners; he gets rid of the rats with one of his specialty foods. And the miners solve a problem for Al by helping him to write his cheese song.

The Adventures of Fatman

Fatman is busily working to set the time on his VCR when a message from the Slawmeister interrupts the regularly scheduled broadcast. Slawmeister ells Fatman that he has planted a bunch of bombs looking like potato in a potato salad factory. Slawmeister's scheme is to rid the world of potato salad and make cole slaw the world's only side dish.

Fatman instantly jumps into action and goes and looks for a Pick Me Up bouqet for Slawmeister. Harvey tricks Fatman by saying Slawmeister always leaves fudge at the crime scene. Fatman goes to the potato salad factory and picks up all the potato bombs looking for the fudge. He doesn't find it, but takes the potatoes into space since he'd already picked them up. They explode and it rains hash browns. Slawmeister is taken away by the police.

Memorable Lines

Al: Maybe there's something we can do without having to talk to each other or look at each other. I know TV!
Minor: The perfect solution. I love TV.

Announcer: Today on Phil Frye the Science Guy, Phil teaches us all about grass!
Phil: Grass is green!
Girl: Grass is green! Grass is green!
Phil: Grass is green.
Phil (as opera singer): All grass is green! All grass is green!
Announcer: That's Phil Frye the Science Guy. Today at noon!

Bobby: Hey, Al. I got a question. Where does dirt come from?
Al: I don't know, Bobby, but I can tell you where it goes, onto them. (Points at minors)
Bobby: But I need to know where it's from!
Al: Well, Bobby, that is one of the many mysteries of the universe. But perhaps this short film can help you understand a little better.

Announcer: Can you imagine a world without dirt? It seems dirt is everywhere. Chances are there is dirt somewhere underneath you right now.

Many things grow in dirt. Like carrots. Carrots are good to eat. But you should never eat dirt; it doesn't taste very good and you might get dirt on your uvula. Dirt is dirty, so if it gets on you, wash it off. Rocks are dirty because they're found in the dirt and they have dirt on them. Some people like to study rocks. Whatever.

But where does dirt come from? Scientists have been trying to answer this question for thousands of years. Most researchers now believe that dirt is actually nothing more than dried up mud. When mud dries up, it becomes dirt. And when dirt gets wet, it becomes mud again.

So which came first, dirt or mud? You might as well ask, "Which came first, water or ice cubes?" It remains one of the mysteries of the universe.

Al: Press the red button if you want to see Brad Pitt mud wrestling with Cindy Crawford! Or press the blue button if you want to see a Fatman cartoon. Okay! What's it gonna be? Mud wrestling? Or a dumb cartoon?
(Blue button is pressed)
WHAT?! You want to see a Fatman cartoon?! Oh! What are you people thinking?! Well, all right, if that's what you really want.

Plot and Review

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A group of severely directionally-impaired miners accidentally tunnel their way into Al's cave while he is attempting to write a song about cheese. At first, Al hates the miners because they are dirty, rude, and apparently want to rid the world of Harvey. Later though, Al forgives these "miner" misgivings, and he and they finish the cheese song together.

I totally agreed with Al in hating these guys. How rude. Al was not a very gracious host, but then again, he lives in a cave, twenty miles below the surface of the earth--do you expect him to be a socialite? The message of this show was supposed to be tolerance. This is great if you are a kid and you identify with Al. In that case, the kid gets the message to always be nice, even to people who suck, but what if the kid identifies with the miners? Then it ends up teaching that it doesn't matter what kind of jerk you are or how obnoxiously you act, people still have to be nice to you.

The announcer is still shouting! I think it's time to start a letter-writing campaign. Or maybe just call my cousin Vic, if you know what I mean.

But to the benefit of the writers, Knight versus Fireman was awesome! Phil Frye the Science Guy made me laugh so hard I had tears, and the p.s.a. actually had a message subtly hidden. The "short films" that Billy T.I.B. gets to watch are so cool. Why couldn't Al have lived on my block when I was a kid?

As for the actual plot, I have to wonder, how were the miners expecting to get out of the cave when they walled the hole up from the inside? I liked the way this show ended. I would not have been embarrassed to tell people that I watched this show. Example is the way to go, I tell you! Children learn by example!

Finally, Harvey's stunts are the greatest. My very own hamster does tricks, too, such as peeing while running around the house in his ball and chewing on plastic.

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