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He Ain't Heavy, He's My Hamster
Episode #3601

Dates Aired

  1. November 15, 1997
  2. February 14, 1998
  3. May 16, 1998
  4. August 15, 1998

Food of the Week

Chocolate lasagna


Lesson of the Day

A true friend is someone who helps you believe in yourself and achieve your goals.


Song Lyrics


  • WAV: Sabrina, the Teenage Fish RealAudio: Sabrina, the Teenage Fish Sabrina, the Teenage Fish
  • WAV: News Anchor Al: The 300 Pound Chicken RealAudio: News Anchor Al: The 300 Pound Chicken News Anchor Al: The 300 Pound Chicken
  • WAV: May I Take Your Order, Please Shampoo? RealAudio: May I Take Your Order, Please Shampoo? May I Take Your Order, Please Shampoo?
  • WAV: Hi, Mom! RealAudio: Hi, Mom! Hi, Mom!
  • WAV: Al's Mailbag: Beef Stew RealAudio: Al's Mailbag: Beef Stew Al's Mailbag: Beef Stew
  • WAV: Yoko Ono Alarm RealAudio: Yoko Ono Alarm Yoko Ono Alarm
  • WAV: Giant Banana RealAudio: Giant Banana Giant Banana
  • WAV: Take Out My Trash RealAudio: Take Out My Trash Take Out My Trash
  • WAV: Silly Choice Dinners RealAudio: Silly Choice Dinners Silly Choice Dinners


  • Harvey jumps off a building.

27 References

  • At the end of the show, Al says, "Brush your teeth 27 times a day!


Al is very upset because Harvey is nervous about performing his stunt for the show. Al calls an animal psychologist, but that doesn't really help. Then it's time for Harvey's stunt. Harvey refused to jump off the top of his house, like the stunt called for, and Al exploded. He yelled at Harvey and called him names. So Harvey went inside his house and locked the door.

The Hooded Avenger comes over and Al talks to him about Harvey. The Hooded Avenger tells Al a story of another superhero he had an argument with and then never talked to again. The Avenger misses the other superhero. Al realizes that he doesn't want to never talk to Harvey again, so he apologizes.

Al and Harvey talk and raise Harvey's confidence. And Harvey performs the stunt beautifully.

Memorable Lines

Dweezil: Excuse me, Al.
Al: Hey everybody, it's Dweezil Zappa.
Dweezil: I finished polishing your bowling ball collection, and it is beautiful. But can I have some of your famous chocolate lasagna now?
Al: Did you finish dusting the atomic super collider in my basement?
Dweezil: Um...
Al: Dweezil, Dweezil, Dweezil. If I reward you without you having to earn it, what kind of lesson am I teaching you? Now go finish that list of chores I gave you and then later, maybe, you can have some chocolate lasagna. Okay?

Girl: Hey, do I smell fish sticks?
Boy: Yo, Sabrina, I'd come to your house after school, but my scuba tank isn't working.
Sabrina: (Sobbing)
Announcer: "Sabrina, the Teenage Fish" will continue in a moment.

Announcer: When a man you've never met before suddenly comes up to you and says:
Waiter: May I take your order, please?
Announcer: You know your shampoo is working. May I Take You Order Please? Shampoo. Available now at beauty salons everywhere.

Dr. Philips: You have a TV show?
Al: Yeah. In fact, we're on TV right now. Look.(Points at the camera.)
Dr. Philips: Hi, Mom! I'm sorry, that cameraman looks just like my mother.

J.B. Toppersmith: Oh, Yankovic. How are you? How's the show going?
Al: Oh, just fine, J.B.
J.B.: Look, Yankovic, I was wondering what you've got Harvey the Wonder Hamster doing on this week's show.
Al: I'm not sure Harvey's up to performing today.
J.B.: What are you talking about? He's under contract.
Al: Yeah, I know. He just--
J.B.: All right, never mind. Never mind. Lose the hamster. I've got a much better idea, anyhow. Two words, Al: Giant Banana.
Al: What?
J.B.: Oh yeah. I think the show should have a giant banana on it. Kids love bananas. They're hot right now.
Al: Really?
J.B.: Trust me. I can't sit here and talk all day. Are we okay on the banana?
Al: Sure, J.B.
J.B.: I just love bananas, personally. I eat 30 or 40 a day. Did you know all the vitamins are in the skin? (Eats banana with skin.)
Al: I wasn't aware of that.

Mom: Hi, hon. Hard day at work?
Dad: Don't even ask. Hey, what's for dinner?
Mom: I'm making roast beef. What do you want with it? Potatoes? Green Beans?
Boy: How about bananas?
Mom: Bananas?! You can't have bananas with roast beef!
Announcer: Now, you can!
Parents: Huh?
Announcer: Introducing new Silly Choice Dinners! The new line of dinners where any dinner you desire is possible. Like roast beef and bananas.
Parents: Bananas?!
Announcer: Or fried chicken and pancakes.
Parents: Pancakes?!
Jimmy O'Brien (President and CEO Silly Choice Foods, Inc.): My goal in creating Silly Choice Dinners was to make dinners that I wanted to eat. I love them, and I think you will too.
Announcer: Try all 15 varieties of Silly Choice Dinners. Like grilled salmon and pancakes.
Parents: Pancakes?! Again?!
Dad: You've got two dinners with pancakes?!
Announcer: Or spaghetti and rubber bands.
Parents: Rubberbands?!
Dad: You can't have rubber bands for dinner!
Jimmy: Yes, you can! With Silly Choice!
Announcer: Silly Choice Dinners! Now in your grocer's freezer!

Al: Until next time, eat your vegetables, brush your teeth 27 times a day, and remember, Harvey is a professionally trained stunt hamster. So if there are any hamsters out there watching, don't try this at home.

Plot and Review

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Harvey is nervous about performing one of his death-defying stunts, but instead of being supportive, Al is insensitive to Harvey's fears. He tries various things to get Harvey to perform his stunt, including a pet psychologist, but what eventually works is Al acting like a true friend and supporting his best friend in the whole world.

Though I am pleased that Harvey is such a big part of this episode, I still have problems with it. My problem is the same thing that keeps popping up over and over again--inconsistancies in Al's character. Al is the guy who saved Harvey from miners, went back in time to get him a birthday present, and sings to him regularly. I find it hard to believe that Al would suddenly become so unsupportive. Again, it was other characters who taught Al how to make things right. Just once, I'd like to see Al have the wisdom.

Like always, there were some very cute things in this episode. The Hooded Avenger remembers his friend, Mr. Molasses, in a scene that is a cute parody of other super-hero duos. Harvey remembering working out, trainging to be a stunt hamster, was so cute. My own critter is training even now! If only we could find him one of those little capes. Poor Dweezil Zappa--he never got his chocolate lasagna, even though he sorted a big ol' box of pennies by year.

In the end, Harvey did his little stunt, setting his third record for the season. What a rodent.

Finally, I have to mention that, though it's a little quieter, the announcer is still shouting. I continue to be disturbed by this.

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