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Gary LeRoi Gray
Bobby the Inquisitive Boy

The Character

Bobby the Inquisitive Boy often visitsAl and asks him questions about the mysteries of life. Al generallyanswers Bobby's questions with a movie. Examples of Bobby's questionsare "Where does dirt come from?" and "Why can't we breathe underwater?"

The Actor

Gary LeRoi Gray has been in commercials, including a Pizza Hutcommercial, and in some sitcoms. Not much is known about how hegot started in acting.

  • Filmography

    Episode Appearances

  • Episode #3602: Mining Accident
  • Episode #3603: Bad Influence
  • Episode #3605: Back to School
  • Episode #3609: Time Machine
  • Episode #3610: Al Gets Robbed
  • Episode #3611: Al Plays Hooky
  • Episode #3612: Talent Show
  • Episode #3613: The Obligatory HolidayEpisode
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