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Danielle Weeks
Cousin Corky

The Character

Cousin Corky isAl's cousin. She is one of the happiestcharacters on the show, always cheerful and optimistic. She has been
Cousin Corky receiving her "E" for effort inEpisode #3612
featured in a few episodes. In Episode#3612, she participated in the yearly talent show. She was verynervous because she thought she had no talent to display. Finally Alboosted her confidence and she thought of a talent to show off. Herefforts garnered her an "E" for effort. Then inEpisode #3611, Al leftfor a vacation and Corky had to host the show, without any warning.She did a wonderful job, especially considering Al's selfishness.

The Actor

Danielle Weeks is a young actress, who hasjust recently begun appearing in movies and such. She hasn't had muchtime to add much to her filmography.

Episode Appearances


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