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Paula Jai Parker
Val Brentwood, Gal Spy

The Character

Val Brentwood, Gal Spy is one of Al'sfriends. She stops by his cave every now and then, usually appearingfrom the middle of nowhere. Once she appeared inside a box and thenanother time she appeared right behind Al.

Val Brentwood, Gal Spy is, as her name would suggest, a spy. Shespecializes in espionage. She uses this talent for good, generally.She helped Al deal withUncle Ralphie inEpisode #3608: The Competition, andshe even showcased her talent onEpisode #3612: The Talent Show.

The Actor

As well as "The Weird Al Show," Paula JaiParker has also acted in the 1997 comedy Sprung and the filmabout the Million Man March, Get on the Bus.

Episode Appearances

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