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Episode #3601: He Ain't Heavy,He's My Hamster

    Dweezil Zappa as Himself
    Emo Philips as Dr. Philips
    Rick Overton as Mr. Molasses
    Dr. Demento as Himself
    John Ennis as Dad
    Loretta Fox as Mom
    Dale Hallcom as Three Armed Guy

Episode #3602: Mining Accident

    Michael McKean
    David Lander
    Clarence Clemmons
    David Bowe
    Martha Quinn

Episode #3603: Bad Influence

    Barenaked Ladies
    Kevin Weisman as Spike
    Patton P. Oswalt as Seymour
    Julie Brown as Herself

Episode #3604: Promises, Promises

    John Tesh
    Mike Levy
    Ron Popeil
    Tony Little

Episode #3605: Back to School

    Bill Mumy as Delivery Guy
    George Watanbe as Kuni
    Alex Trebek as Himself

Episode #3606: One for the RecordBooks

    Todd Patrick Braugh as Siskel
    Mark Kineavy as Ebert
    Ric Sarabia as Bearded Man
    Scott Streltzoff as Free Thrower
    Ian Whitcomb as Sir Alec
    Musical guest Hanson

Episode #3607: Because I Said So

    Mathew McCurley as Huey
    Dick Van Patten as Himself
    Tahj Mowry as Himself
    Musical guest Charles Fleischer as Buford

Episode #3608: The Competition

    Drew Carey as Himself
    Fred Willard as Award Show Host
    Jimmy Briscoe as Mippy
    Musical guest Radish

Episode #3609: Time Machine

    Teri Garr as Herself
    Victoria Jackson as Crying Woman
    Bad Hair Band

Episode #3610: Al Gets Robbed

    Gilbert Gottfried as Al's imaginary friend Gilbert
    Dick Van Patten as the Burglar
    Martha Quinn as Woman in commercial
    Randy "Macho Man" Savage as Himself
    Musical guest All 4 One

Episode #3611: Al Plays Hooky

    Kevin McCarthy as Mayor
    Daisy Fuentes as Herself
    Fabio as Himself

Episode #3612: Talent Show

    Fred and Wilma Flintstone as Themselves
    Mary Yankovic as Al's Mom
    Cathy Ladman as Cindy
    Matt Weinhold as Game Show Host
    Mary Lynn Rauskub as Weather Woman
    John Roarke as Clint Eastwood
    Roger Rose as Talk Show Host
    Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz as Drummer
    Musical guest Immature

Episode #3613: The Obligatory HolidayEpisode

    Dick Clark as Himself
    Martin Lewis
    The Amazing Johnathon as Uncle Johnathon

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