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Harvey the WonderHamster

The Character

Harvey the Wonder Hamster plays Al'sbest friend. One episode began with Harvey beating Al in a game ofair hockey.
Harvey playing air hockey inEpisode #3601

Harvey is not an emotionless creature, he expresses his emotionsand thoughts through the use of thought bubbles. For example, whenAl was eating voraciously, Harvey thought of a pig.

Harvey appears in every episode, and in a few also performs manydeath-defying stunts. They and the episodes in which they appear arelocated below.

The Actor

Harvey the Wonder Hamster has been aroundsince Al's first appearance on ALTV on MTV, and perhaps even before.Though the Harvey in The Weird Al Show is certainly not the samehamster as the original Harvey (they only have a lifespan of two tothree years), he is certainly a worthy successor. He performs hisduties, his stunts and being a best friend to Al, admirably.
Al shoots Harvey out of a cannon inEpisode #3602
In Episode #3606, Harveygets too close to the microwave.

Harvey's Stunts

  • Episode #3601: He Ain't Heavy, He'sMy Hamster - Harvey jumps off a building.
  • Episode #3602: Mining Accident- Harvey is shot out of a cannon.
  • Episode #3603: Bad Influence- Harvey drives a race car.
  • Episode #3605: Back to School- Harvey is stuck in the vacuum cleaner and is shot across theroom like a spitwad.
  • Episode #3606: One for the RecordBooks - Harvey becomes the world's largest hamster after standingtoo close to a leaky microwave.
  • Episode #3607: Because I Said So- Harvey has two stunts: he tests Al's Nail Trimming Machine, andhe appears in Al's mouth towards the end of the show.
  • Episode #3608: The Competition- Harvey rides a hang-glider.
  • Episode #3610: Al Gets Robbed- Harvey wrestles Randy "Macho Man" Savage and wins.
  • Episode #3611: Al Plays Hooky- Harvey is almost cooked by Varna the SquirmeseCook.
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