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Stan Freberg
Papa Boolie

The Character

Papa Boolie is the father ofBaby Boolie. Both are puppets that are thesidekicks of Fred Huggins, on "The Fred Huggins Show." Papa and BabyBoolie always complain about Fred, especially his singing. On oneoccasion, Papa Boolie smashed Fred's ukelele rather than allow Fredto sing!

The Actor

Stan Freberg is most well known as asatirist and ad creator. He once had a radio variety show on CBS,has written and sung many satirical songs, and has also had quitean impact on the advertising industry with his use of humorouscommercials. Perhaps his most famous song is "Green Christmas," whichpraises the excesses of the holiday season.

Stan also plays J. B. Toppersmith on "TheWeird Al Show."

Episode Appearances

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