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One for the Record Books
Episode #3606

Dates Aired

  1. October 18, 1997
  2. January 17, 1998
  3. April 18, 1998
  4. July 18, 1998

Food of the Week

Horseradish enchilada


  • Hanson as Themselves
  • Ian Whitcomb as Sir Alec
  • Mark Kineavy as Ebert
  • Ric Sarabia as Bearded Man
  • Scott Streltzoff as Free Thrower
  • Todd Patrick Braugh as Siskel

Lesson of the Day

It's not so important to hold the world record, but it's always important to do your best.


Song Lyrics

  • There were no songs this episode.


  • WAV: Good Enchilada RealAudio: Good Enchilada Good Enchilada
  • WAV: Alec Guinness RealAudio: Alec Guinness Alec Guinness
  • WAV: Harvey Given the Record RealAudio: Harvey Given the Record Harvey Given the Record
  • WAV: What's So Good about a World Record, Anyway? RealAudio: What's So Good about a World Record, Anyway? What's So Good about a World Record, Anyway?
  • WAV: Pirate Roofing! We're Number One! RealAudio: Pirate Roofing! We're Number One! Pirate Roofing! We're Number One!
  • WAV: The Zargonots RealAudio: The Zargonots The Zargonots
  • WAV: Al's Mailbag RealAudio: Al's Mailbag Al's Mailbag
  • WAV: Red or Blue Button? RealAudio: Red or Blue Button? Red or Blue Button?
  • WAV: Fatman: Your Brain Amazes Me RealAudio: Fatman: Your Brain Amazes Me Fatman: Your Brain Amazes Me
  • WAV: Beard Man RealAudio: Beard Man Beard Man
  • WAV: I Guess World Records Aren't for Me RealAudio: I Guess World Records Aren't for Me I Guess World Records Aren't for Me
  • WAV: Hanson Saving the Day RealAudio: Hanson Saving the Day Hanson Saving the Day
  • WAV: Hanson: RealAudio: Hanson: Hanson: "Where's the Love?"


  • Harvey becomes the world's largest hamster after standing too close to a leaky microwave.

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Harvey grows to 50,000 times his original size when he gets too close to a leaky microwave. He is then awarded Guiness' Record for World's Largest Rodent. Al, feeling outshone, attempts to capture a world record for himself. He learns, however, that the sacrifices necessary to earn such an award are bigger than he is willing to make. Harvey is eventually returned to his normal size when light flashes from the camaras of Hanson members displaced his photons.

The Adventures of Fatman

Fatman is at the pool when a mysterious figure drops a capsule into the pool and changes all the water into split pea soup. Fatman and Harvey act quickly and follow the trail of bread crumbs to the "Mad Scientist's Lair." There they find Dr. Quimby P. Legume trying to change the entire city's water supply into water. Fatman is against the idea until he tries the soup and discovers he really likes it. To prevent the doctor's plan, Harvey then has to trick Fatman into hugging Legume. Fatman squeezes the will right out of Legume.

Memorable Lines

Thanks to Kelly Green for diligently typing away and sending quotes!

Al: Harvey, look at you, you're huge! What happened? Were you sitting by the microwave just now? Oh no, what have I done? I've turned you into a grotesque, radioactive mutant! Good enchilada, though.

Long nailed man: Presenting the President of the Guiness Book of World Records, Sir Alec.
(Sir Alec walks in.)
Al: Oh man, what an honor. Oh Sir Alec, I'm such a big fan of yours. I've got all your books.
(Al kneels on one knee in front of Sir Alec.)
Sir Alec: You may stand. Uh, on one leg please. Now this hamster, he is yours?
Al: Yes.
Sir Alec: A simple yes or no will do.
(Al gets a confused look on his face.)
Sir Alec: Well, he certainly is a very large animal.
(Long nailed man pulls a tape measure from his pocket.)
Sir Alec: No, no, no need for that. Let's just eyeball him.
(Sir Alec holds an eyeball out to inspect Harvey.)

Male Reporter: There he is! Harvey, do you have an agent?
Female Reporter: Do you have a book deal?
Male Reporter: Do you hang out with the Incredible Hulk?
Female Reporter: Do you plan to change your name to an unprenouncable symbol?
Male Reporter: Do you ... smell somethin' funny?
Girls (screaming): Harvey! Harvey! Harvey! Harvey! Harvey!
Al: STOP! Uh, uh, shows over! Uh, Harvey needs his rest! Thanks for coming. Goodbye, goodbye!

Al: Oh, what's so great about a world record anyway? It just means that your the ... best in the world, and no one can take that away from you, which must bring a tremendous amount of satisfaction, and self-worth. Well, as my great grandaddy, Blind Lemon Yankovic, always told me, "Alfie," he said, "if you need to be distracted from your wretched, meaningless existence, why not turn on the TV?"

Woman on TV: But what if the roof gets a hole in it?
Pirate Guy: We'll repair it. That way, you can keep the roof over your head!
All Pirates: Pirate Roofing, we're Number ONE!

Siskel: Well, I loved this movie. This is easily one of the best films of the year!
Ebert: I agree. Nothing else even comes close! When a film is clearly the best, it has a way of making everything else that's not the best seem, well, pathetic.
Siskel: I know, and you find yourself scratching your head, thinking what were those other movies, who were those characters, what were the titles? Who knows?
Ebert: And who cares. Throw them in the garbage, and move on.

Alien: Citizens of Earth, we are Zargdenots froom the planet Sargo 7. We want all the humans on this planet, who are the very best at something, to come help us start a new, super advanced civilization. Everyone else, do...whatever.

Al: I still think it would be really cool to have a world record, but I don't know, I just don't think it's for me, all that sacrifice. I mean, how could I give up breaking plates on my head? Or squirting sumo wrestlers with mustard? Or doing the boneless boy dance? Give all that up? No way! I love my life!

Plot and Review

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Harvey is expanded to 40,000 times his original size when he gets too close to a leaky microwave and is consequently given the world record for Largest Rodent. Harvey gleans a lot of attention for this distinction, and Al gets jealous. Al tries to attain his own world record, but after interviewing many record-holders, he decides he's not willing to make the necesary sacrifices.

I was so pleased when Harvey grew so large. He is so cute and making him big makes him that much cuter. Harvey should be this "big" a character every week!

Unfortunately, the same darn thing happened this week as every week. Al became some sort of monster, displaying characteristics that had never been part of his character before. Harvey had set two world records in episodes prior to this one, and Al didn't seem to mind then.

I was also disappointed not to see more of the regular characters in this episode. I really think that Val Brentwood, Gal Spy makes the show. The side parts of the show were pretty good. Al trying to eat doughnuts in ten seconds and the Fat Man cartoon were just a few of the highlights. Other parts of the show not directly related to the plot were Al squirting a sumo wrestler with mustard and the record-holders of the longest game of Marco Polo.

Particularly weak was the problem resolution. Al's determination just puttered out. He didn't learn that he was okay as he was, he just decided that getting a record was too hard. I don't know if this is what we want to teach our kids.

Later, Harvey is returned to his normal size when Hanson displaces his photons with the flashes from their cameras. Hanson was so darn cute. I just wanted to pat them on the hands and give them lollipops. Their music reminded me of something that they might have had on the Brady Bunch. They were the highlight of the show.

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