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Because I Said So
Episode #3607

Dates Aired

  1. October 25, 1997
  2. January 24, 1998
  3. April 25, 1998
  4. July 25, 1998

Food of the Week

Banana Mustard Sandwich


Lesson of the Day

The best way to work out a problem with a bully is through peaceful communication.


Song Lyrics


  • WAV: Al's Mailbag Theme Song RealAudio: Al's Mailbag Theme Song Al's Mailbag Theme Song
  • WAV: There's Someone at the Door/Open the Door RealAudio: There's Someone at the Door/Open the Door There's Someone at the Door/Open the Door
  • WAV: Tahj Mowry RealAudio: Tahj Mowry Tahj Mowry
  • WAV: What's with the Singing? RealAudio: What's with the Singing? What's with the Singing?
  • WAV: Why Don't We Show a Clip Now? RealAudio: Why Don't We Show a Clip Now? Why Don't We Show a Clip Now?
  • WAV: Why Did You Come on This Stupid Show? RealAudio: Why Did You Come on This Stupid Show? Why Did You Come on This Stupid Show?
  • WAV: I Made You into a Freak RealAudio: I Made You into a Freak I Made You into a Freak
  • WAV: I Quit RealAudio: I Quit I Quit
  • WAV: Something to Remember Me By RealAudio: Something to Remember Me By Something to Remember Me By
  • WAV: Piece of Pie RealAudio: Piece of Pie Piece of Pie


  • Harvey appears in Al's mouth towards the end of the show.
  • Harvey tests Al's Nail Trimming Machine.

27 References

  • Tri/Omen pointed out that 27 is divisible by 9.
  • There were no direct references to the number, but Al sang 9 songs. And 9 is, of course, 2 + 7.


The nephew of Al's boss comes for a visit, and Al is told that if the nephew is unhappy, Al will get fired. The nephew, Huey, arrives, and Al begins bending over backwards to please the boy, including singing songs whenever he is commanded to. Finally, Al gets fed up with Huey, and tries other methods of dealing with the boy. Huey gets angry and fires Al, but Al decides to quit. As Al is walking out the door, Huey tries to get Al to stay and eventually reveals that nobody likes him. Al watches some TV with Huey, and Huey changes to being nicer.

Memorable Lines

Al: Oh. I've got a letter here from Bill Burke in Wausau, Wisconsin. And Bill says, "Dear Al, I've got a special request. Could I see Dick Van Patten in a tutu doing a little pirate dance?" Hmm. Sure I guess we've have time for that. Okay, here you go.
(Dick Van Patten is shown in a pink tutu doing a little dance.)

Tahj Mowry: What was that?
Al: Jurassic Park, smart guy. You were in Jurassic Park, remember?
Tahj Mowry: No, no, I wasn't! And besides, that wasn't even a clip from the movie! That was just your music video!

Al: Gee, Huey, that was amazing! What skill! What finesse! Can you teach me how to be as talented as you? Wait a minute, look! I got you a cake because I think you're so great. Hey, everybody, isn't Huey just the greatest? Oh, did you know I started a Huey fan club? We've got our own Huey web site and everything! Oh, oh! Would you autograph this for me, oh Master Huey?
Huey: Do I look like a ski instructor?
Al: Huh?
Huey: I said, "Do I look like a ski instructor?"
Al: No.
Huey: Then spare me the snow job!

Buford: I'm gonna miss you man.
Al: Buford, keep providing musical accompaniment and punctuation to dramatic events.
Buford: You the man, Al.
Al: Yes, yes, I know. Say, Buford, since I'm probably never going to see you again, I wanted to leave you something to remember me by: this chunk of ice from my refrigerator.
Buford: Al, man! That's cold! That's really cold!

Huey: No one likes me!
Al: I like you! I mean, in theory. If you weren't so bossy. In an alternate universe where you weren't like a tyrant, I like you.

Fred Huggins: Hello, boys and girls. I'm Fred Huggins, and these are my little friends Papa Boolie and Baby Boolie.
Baby Boolie: I'm hungry.
Papa Boolie: When do we get paid?
Fred Huggins: Oh, what a beautiful day it is. It's such a nice day, isn't it? It's really, really nice. I like that word nice.
Baby Boolie: I hate you, Fred.
Fred Huggins: You know, you should always be nice. Because it's nice to be nice.
Papa Boolie: It'd be nice if you'd just shut-up!
Fred Huggins: And if you're nice to people, people will be nice to you, too. How about that? I wrote a little song about it. It's called, "It's Nice to Be Nice."
(Papa Boolie grabs the ukelele and smashes it.)

Plot and Review

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J.B. Toppersmith, the guy who gave Al his show, puts his nephew Huey in charge of Al's show for the day. Huey is a spoiled brat, used to getting his way, and Al has to do what he says to risk losing his job. Al jumps through all sorts of hoops for Huey, but it is never enough. Eventually Al quits his show, but before he leaves Huey breaks down and Al feels sorry for him.

This was the worst show ever. Compared to this, the Spike show that started the season looks like Roots. This episode was so riddled with problems that I couldn't stand to watch it. I had to leave periodically so as to allow my disgust to dissipate.

First, the good parts. Yes, there were a few, though I had to sift through the show a second time to find them burried within all that crap. All of the songs were good, and of course they were plentiful. I think that there should be that many songs in every episode. Dick Van Paten made a cameo appearance in a tutu doing a pirate dance. That was funny. Tahj Mowry made a cameo and Al turned his foot into a dinosaur foot.

The much longer list is the bad parts. First, and this goes for many of the episodes, CBS didn't promote that there would be a teen hearthrob appearing. What are they thinking? The number of girls who would have tuned in for Hansen, Radish, and Tahj Mowry is unfathomable. Second, Huey was cast all wrong. The role of the spoiled brat as it was written could not have possibly been portrayed properly by anyone over the age of 6, and this kid didn't prove me wrong. The quality of this show would have been increased three times if the brat had been a 5 year old girl. Third, the whole message of this show was that you should be nice to a bully. Al tried being nice to Huey for the first two-thirds of the show, but it didn't work. It wasn't until Al threatened to leave the show that Huey came around.

In all honesty, this show sucked. If this were the first episode I'd ever tuned into, I'd never watch again. It wasn't the first episode I watched, and I considered it anyway.

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