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Al Gets Robbed
Episode #3610

Dates Aired

  1. December 6, 1997
  2. March 7, 1998
  3. June 6, 1998
  4. September 5, 1998

Food of the Week

Moldy pita bread and pancakes in the shape of a teddy bear


Lesson of the Day

When faced with a problem, use your creativity and imagination to help you solve it.


Song Lyrics


  • WAV: Wacky Bacteria RealAudio: Wacky Bacteria Wacky Bacteria
  • WAV: I Am the Eggman RealAudio: I Am the Eggman I Am the Eggman
  • WAV: Al's Mailbag: Imaginary Friend RealAudio: Al's Mailbag: Imaginary Friend Al's Mailbag: Imaginary Friend
  • WAV: All-4-One RealAudio: All-4-One All-4-One
  • WAV: Directions RealAudio: Directions Directions


  • Harvey wrestles Randy "Macho Man" Savage and wins.

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Al and Harvey return from the Annual Cave-Dwellers Convention to find that their stuff has all been stolen. Al's concerned because he bragged about having his own TV show at the convention, and he wants it to be a really good show. (They all said they'd watch.) But Al is not sure how to do a show without his stuff.

Al turns to his imagination, calling forth his imaginary friend Gilbert, making an origami "Barking Dog," and watching a Fatman cartoon. Then All 4 One shows up, wearing Hawaiian shirts. They tell Al a guy is selling them really cheap outside.

After they sing, the Hooded Avenger brings over a TV for Al to use to channel surf. He surfs to a local "Cops" show, which shows police finally stopping a van after a high-speed chase. The open the van and all of Al's stuff is inside.

All of Al's stuff will be returned, so he's happy. Then the cave dwellers call and say they loved the show and that they'll be watching every week.

The Adventures of Fatman

Al is frying donuts on the sidewalk during a heat wave when an egg beater flies from the sky. He senses evil, so he runs off to turn into Fatman. Harvey is left to confront the enemy, the evil Egg Man, who wants to turn the entire city into a giant omelotte.

Fatman returns and Harvey updates him. Fatman is up for the idea until he discovers the omelotte will only be made of eggs, no ham, onions, or any other toppings. Then he gets upset and throws all his effort into preventing a boring omelotte from being made.

Fatman succeeds, but Egg Man is about to make his getaway when he makes another bad egg pun. Harvey goes insane from all thebad jokes and attack's Egg Man's flying egg beater. The vehicle crashes to the ground and Egg Man is ticketed (for parking in a no parking zone) and captured.

Memorable Lines

Al: But without my stuff, what am I? Just another cave-dwelling, accordion-playing, hamster-loving, TV show host. What a cliche!

When the Hooded Avenger brings in Al's mail, on top was "The Midnight Star" with the headline, "Incredible Frog Boy on the Loose." (Thanks to Rosemary K. Levy for spotting that.)

Al: Hey! would you look at that! Those wacky bacteria have built an entire metropolis! Look, there's a dry cleaners, and a mall, and a video store, and a...Wait a minute! Can I destroy an entire microscopically advanced civilation just to feed my face? Yeah, I guess so.

Egg Man: I am the Egg Man.
Walrus: Hnuh hnuh!
Egg Man: Oh and he's the Walrus.
Police chief: Goo goo ga joo!

Gilbert: Oh fine! Just ignore me! I'm imaginary!

Martha Quinn: If someone asks you for directions, stop. Think about it for a moment, and if you don't know the best way for them to go, smile and tell them cheerfully that you can't help them and they should ask someone else. Giving someone directions that you're not sure about, even if you're just trying to help, is a bad idea. Don't be a hero. No directions are better than bad directions.

Plot and Review

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