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Al Plays Hooky
Episode #3611

Dates Aired

  1. November 8, 1997
  2. February 7, 1998
  3. May 9, 1998
  4. August 8, 1998

Food of the Week

Spicy cheese doodles and bagels and smoked lox


  • Daisy Fuentes as Herself
  • Fabio as Himself
  • Kevin McCarthy as Mayor

Lesson of the Day

Take responsibility for your actions and always be considerate of others.


  • There were no pictures from this episode.

Song Lyrics


  • WAV: Al's Mailbag: Letter from Steve Chai RealAudio: Al's Mailbag: Letter from Steve Chai Al's Mailbag: Letter from Steve Chai
  • WAV: News Anchor Al: Chocolate vs. Flying RealAudio: News Anchor Al: Chocolate vs. Flying News Anchor Al: Chocolate vs. Flying
  • WAV: Got Lard? RealAudio: Got Lard? Got Lard?
  • WAV: Harvey's Last Words RealAudio: Harvey's Last Words Harvey's Last Words
  • WAV: <I>60% Chance of Rain</I> RealAudio: <I>60% Chance of Rain</I> 60% Chance of Rain


  • Harvey is almost cooked by Varna the Squirmese Cook.

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Al tires of having to do all the chores involved in owning a cave. He fell behind in doing them and is almost unable to do the show until Cousin Corky shows up. She agrees to help him a little so he can do the show.

Al goes to his mailbag and finds a brochure for a Hawaiian get-away with Daisy Fuentes. He decides to leave the show with Corky and runs off without telling her.

Al calls Corky from Hawaii and tells her he'll be gone for a while. She's upset, but Al doesn't seem to notice. So Corky tries to cover for Al by watching TV and such.

Varna the Squirmese Cook visits to perform the Harvey the Wonder Hamster stunt, and then Al calls. Corky tells him that Varna dropped by, and Al remembers that in Squirma, where Varna is from, hamsters are a delicacy. So Al rushes back, saves Harvey in the nick of time, and realizes that he shouldn't have abandoned his show. It was just very inconsiderate of the plans Corky had.

The Adventures of Fatman

Evil alien pirates who look like giant fish and come from a planet where they use bagel for money are robbing every deli store in the area. Fatman decides the best course of action is to tear down all the deli and bakery signs so the aliens don't know where the bagels are. Harvey grabs a man's laptop computer, accesses the aliens' bank account, and deletes it. The aliens call the bank from a phone booth which is just next to where Fatman is. Harvey points this out, and Fatman immediately jumps to action. He runs and buys a flamethrower and cooks the alien fish.

Memorable Lines

Al: I've got to give Harvey his weekly sponge bath and pedicure, fix my leaky atomic reactor, recycle my used tissues, vacuum all the spicy cheese doodles off the sofa, alphabetize my soap collection, visualize world peace, wax the kitchen floor, scrape the mold off the cheese log, and throw out any milk that's not from this year. Man, this is too much responsibility!

Al: Hey, Corky, what brings you around here?
Corky: I was wondering if I could borrow a box of smelly socks.
Al: What do you need smelly socks for?
Corky: Actually, it's more the box I need.

Al: Got a letter here from a Steve Chai in Bellingham, Washington, and Steve writes...Oh! It's an answer to our trivia question! If you remember we asked our viewers to name all 42 presidents of the United States. Let's see if he did it. Uh huh. Yeah. All right, Steve, you named them all! You named them all Bob, but close enough! you win this lovely...used toothbrush! Good goin'.

Harvey: Don't tell me evil alien pirates who look like giant fish and come from a planet where they use bagels for money are robbing every deli in the area.
Fatman: Yup!
Harvey: That is just SO typical!

Fatman: Hey, everyone, we have a special meal today! Bagels and smoked lox! And it's kosher!

Bobby: That film had nothing to do with nuclear reactors! Now I won't be able to do my report for school! I'll fail out of class, my self-esteem will drop through the floor, I'll start hanging around with the wrong crowd, they'll trick me into joining small band of counter-revolutionaries from some small, third-world country like Aruba. Then I'll be captured and held hostage by rebel forces, only to escape and live life as a hunted boy! A hunted boy! It's all your fault!

News Anchor Al: A new study says, if given the choice, most Americans would prefer to eat as much chocolate as they can without getting fat over the ability to fly. Fools.

Varna: You see, in my native country, hamsters are a very important part of our culture because hamsters are so intelligent, hamsters are so supple, and so very, very delicious. Any last words? What's that? Go to a commercial? Okay, we'll be right back.

Announcer: If you thought Twister was terrifying...
Businessman: Did you feel something?
Announcer: If you thought Dante's Peak was daunting...
Girl: Mommy, I'm cold!
Announcer: If you thought Volcano was something with a "V." If you thought there were no more natural disasters left to make a movie about, you thought wrong. 60% Chance of Rain, the most horrifying new movie of the season. The weather got out of hand.
Mayor: We can't go starting a panic, not during tourist season!
Announcer: Only one man had the courage.
Deputy Al: Mr. Mayor, I don't care what happens to your tourist season! Someone needs to tell these people that they might need a jacket!
Announcer: To bring Mother Nature to her knees...
Deputy Al: C'mon, people, let's go! Everybody in the rec room! We don't know what we're in for. C'mon inside, everybody!
Announcer: When the barometric pressure increases, so does the pressure.
Boy: So we don't even know if it's gonna rain?
Deputy Al: No, son, we don't.
Announcer: 60% Chance of Rain. Coming soon to a theater near you, maybe.

Plot and Review

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Al gets a deal for a vacation in the mail and decides he deserves a trip. He leaves his show to Corky, who was just dropping by to borrow a box for an art project. She wants to enter an art contest to win an autographed photo of Fabio. Corky tries her best to keep the show going, but really it's Al's responsibility. Al finally comes rushing home when Harvey is about to be made into stew by a Squirmese cook. As a result, he makes Corky miss the art show, so he brings Fabio over to sign Corky's nose.Review coming soon.

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