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The Obligatory Holiday Episode
Episode #3613

Dates Aired

  1. November 29, 1997
  2. February 28, 1998
  3. May 30, 1998
  4. August 29, 1998

Food of the Week

Heart-shaped ham, chocolate bunnies with corn bread stuffing and gravy, green shamrock matzas, candied corn on the cob, mood pie, tapioca stuffed potatoes, tuna punch, and the Yankovic family fruit cake


Lesson of the Day

When friends want to share their feelings, you should be a good listener.


Song Lyrics


  • WAV: Al's Fortune RealAudio: Al's Fortune Al's Fortune
  • WAV: Voter Registration Day? RealAudio: Voter Registration Day? Voter Registration Day?
  • WAV: Snacktime RealAudio: Snacktime Snacktime
  • WAV: Hamsters' Day RealAudio: Hamsters' Day Hamsters' Day
  • WAV: I'm a Little Kitty RealAudio: I'm a Little Kitty I'm a Little Kitty
  • WAV: This Old Mouth RealAudio: This Old Mouth This Old Mouth
  • WAV: News Anchor Al: Gnop-Gnip RealAudio: News Anchor Al: Gnop-Gnip News Anchor Al: Gnop-Gnip
  • WAV: Happy Closing Credits RealAudio: Happy Closing Credits Happy Closing Credits


  • Harvey performed no stunts this episode.

27 References

  • Right at the beginning of the show, Al says, "Hey! where is everyone? They should have been here 27 seconds ago!"


Al is throwing a party and he really wants everything to go perfectly. All of his friends arrive, and one by one, they talk to Al, attempting to express their feelings. For some unclear reason -- perhaps Al was just trying to avoid all strife -- Al refuses to listen to everyone. Eventually everyone gets upset and leaves.

Al is left alone, and he starts thinking about what happened. Then the Hooded Avenger returns and tells Al that Al should have listened better. Everyone returns and Al listens to them. The party is a big success.

Memorable Lines

Al: The really great thing about the holidays is that everyone's so happy! It makes you so--
Madame Judy: Ohhh!
Al: Oh, hi, Madame Judy., what holiday are you celebrating?
Madame Judy: Oh, Al! Al! Give Madame Judy your palm! I must read your palm!
Al: Uh, okay.
Madame Judy: Oh no!
Al: What?! What is it?
Madame Judy: Oh! I see horrible tragedy in your future. I see devastation and pain and unspeakable suffering. Oooo! I see you being tortured by the anguish of a thousand plagues, writhing in agony in the middle of the desert as giant birds circle you and the sun deep fries you into a big fat crispy critter!
Al: Really?
Madame Judy: No! April fool's!

Al: What holiday are you celebrating?
Cousin Corky: Well, I'll give you a hint: it starts with a "V."
Al: Uh, Voter Registration Day?
Cousin Corky: And I'm hoping to get some cards.
Al: Venus Flytrap Day? Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig Day?
Cousin Corky: Or maybe some flowers.
Al: Volcano Worshippers Day?

Al: Corky, you look kind of down. Do you know what you need?
Cousin Corky: To talk about my feelings?
Al: No! A snack!

Al: What! does everyone have the holiday blues? I gotta do something fast. I know! Hey, everybody, here's something that's guaranteed to entertain you, a death-defying stunt from my best friend in the whole world, Harvey the Wonder Hamster! Harvey! Hey, pal, where are you? What's this?
(Al picks up a note and reads it.)
Al: "I'm not coming out today. Groundhogs have their very own day; why can't hamsters? It's not fair." Signed, Harvey.

Al: I chased all my friends away because they were unhappy. Now I'm so bummed out, I don't know what to do. Well, when the answers to life's questions elude you, there's only one thing to do: watch TV!

Announcer: Today on "This Old Mouth," we take an up close and personal look at our friend, the uvula.

Ebert: All of which goes to show why I think Rabid Puppy is the best film of this year or any year.
Siskel: That is probably the stupidest thing you have ever said. This movie was horrible. I would rather rip my own head off than sit through this garbage again.
Ebert: Yeah, well, that's the kind of ignorance I'd expect from a doody-head like you.
Siskel: You talkin' to me, poopy-pants?
Ebert: Snot-face!
Siskel: Vomit-nose!
Ebert: Hooty-fish!
Siskel: Hooty-fish?

News Anchor Al: ...with a ripe cantaloupe. This just in, ping-pong spelled backwards is gnop-gnip.

Al: What's wrong with the world when TV doesn't make you feel better?

Hooded Avenger: Your problem is with your ears, Al. You need to learn how to listen.
Al: I do?
Hooded Avenger: We all have feelings we need to share, Al. And when one person shares and the other person listens, those two people get to better friends.
Al: Y'know, that's so darn sappy it's just gotta be true!

Al: Dick Clark! What are you doing here?
Dick Clark: Well, I'm here to count down to the New Year. What else?
Al: Well, that's great, but the show's almost over.
Dick Clark: Well, how about a big countdown to the closing credits?
Al: Sounds good to me!
Everybody: 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!
Happy Closing Credits!

Plot and Review

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