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December 29, 2003
I can't wait to download all the episodes of The Weird Al Show!

Home Page December 24, 2003
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Home Page December 24, 2003
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Home Page December 9, 2003
WOW! I can't believe that I have only just discovered this site! I discovered Weird Al the year after TWAS was cancelled, and have since been searching for a site like this.....THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Home Page November 8, 2003
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Drone_Xelica October 13, 2003
I just love weird al and i have UHF. i love it all and i think his music is great. great website is all i can say. keep it up

Home Page October 12, 2003
I've never seen this show before, but i've seen and heard a lot about each episode from this website. Thank you for making it!

~Baby Boolie: "Hey, didn't he just sing this song five minutes ago?"
Papa Boolie: "Yep"

#3604 - "Promises, Promises"

Home Page September 8, 2003
Finally! A place for all my Weird Al Show needs! But can you still download the eps (just for my personal watching, as I wasn't lucky enough to see them on TV)? Everytime I try, I get the error message. Anyhoo, great site, and I'll be back!

Home Page September 7, 2003
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Home Page September 7, 2003
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Home Page August 27, 2003
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Home Page August 26, 2003
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Home Page August 21, 2003
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Home Page August 17, 2003

July 7, 2003

Vera Lynn June 28, 2003
Oh, thank Maynard. I was afraid I was delusional. Happily, someone else remembers a whacky, long-haired fellow eating ink on early Saturday morning CBS.

Home Page June 24, 2003
The Weird Al Show was awsome! So was this page, except for the defective episodes,

daniel king June 17, 2003
do you really live in lyenwood or hollywood

dustin or Dust the king June 14, 2003
Dear, weird al and show
I remember some of the show when i was younger like harvey the wonder hampster, do you think you could mak like a reunion show and show clips from the past I bet it would have a large rating, you could put it on com...(excuse my spelling) from,
dust_the_king a fan

Home Page May 15, 2003
The show is silly. I love this site. I think it's cool that you have all the episodes for downloads. I'm d/l one right now! The show definitely needs to come back. At the very least they should release it in a DVD box set!

Jeremy Smith May 13, 2003
I love this website. It's a shame the show isn't on the air anymore, I loved it!

Home Page April 18, 2003
Thanks for all the info and dowloads. WHere's your email address? I've tried 4 times and can't get the 7th episode ("small" version) to dowload without errors.. what's up with that?

Thanks again.

Wierd Al Tankovic April 13, 2003
I like what you've done with the site. It is a great monument to me!

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weird. .al. show is opend again.

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April 12, 2003
phat. weird al is phat dog

April 11, 2003
Hi I Loved the Weird Al Show and I'm One That wants the Back on air So Let me Know if It's back on air.

john April 7, 2003
hey u r my favort singer i have bad hair day i love omish paridice and prank phone call lol bye

April 1, 2003
Hey!! i LOVE wierd al!!! he's the best!!!! my fave song that he sings is albuquerque. it's 11 minutes long, its just awesome!! g2g, ttyl, bye!!!

March 27, 2003
Does anyone know who Mike Levy is, from Episode #3604: "Promises, Promises", and if so, how to get in touch with him?


Home Page March 18, 2003
Dear Weird Al You Are The Best Singer In The World.When Is your next Album coming Out?Whell Hope To Meet You Thats my Dream So

SEYA Later Al-agator

Home Page March 18, 2003
During some routine upgrades, the guestbook was broken. It is now working correctly.

Home Page January 9, 2003
I just watched the first episode (3601) and I loved it! I have all of Al's music CDs and all of his music videos! UHF is one of the funniest movies ever! I'm talking too much, well, I'm writing... so I should stop now... t.

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