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Home Page December 5, 2005
If you like Dr. Demento episodes check out my homepage!

Home Page November 3, 2005
yo... this site needs more bandwidth

Home Page November 1, 2005
You could say I worship Weird Al, but that would be an understatment. I love him and I listen to his music religiously!

i basically love "Weird Al" Yankovic

Home Page October 25, 2005
weird al rocks! i adore him! ^_^ sqeeee i heard hes comming out wiht a new album andi cant wate to gt it!

September 10, 2005
Hey people. I love Weird Al. I'm like his biggest fan. I have always loved him!

August 4, 2005
Nice Site! Keep it updated more often. Hope Dick Clark Productions or another studio will release The Weird Al Show in a complete series box set with lots of extras!!!! :)

the person writing this July 8, 2005
missed the show :( and trying to get it bak on the air

May 30, 2005
Al is awsome and i love his music. I hope he keeps on making music and cd's

May 24, 2005
weird al rox

Paul Brennan April 22, 2005
Weird al is my idol. His parodies are greater than the originals.

April 1, 2005
I became a loyalist only about 2 years ago and I have only one thing to say: LONG LIVE THE KING!!!

February 7, 2005

January 22, 2005
put the weird al show back on it is the best show ever yah!

Dave January 9, 2005
Weird Al Is the best!!!!!!!!!!

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