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December 29, 2004
hi me again u are the best singer ever

December 29, 2004
i love weird al i know al of his song lyrics i have al of the cds i wonder how he comes up with his stuff my favorite song has to be jurassic park.

December 15, 2004
Great site! (I can't find the video clips though...even between llpm and 6am.) I really miss this show too, but I guess he's busy with his family and all now so...

October 21, 2004
WEIRD AL KICKS ASS 27 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan October 12, 2004
I love the Weird Al Show. I wish you could put it back on air. IF you could make it a movie. I would deffinetly by it. I love you. Your Bigest Fan,

matthew linn October 10, 2004
i would like the weird al show to be back on air

July 30, 2004
al yankovic

July 30, 2004
hi michael grsy i born 1991 to michael

July 23, 2004
I finally found this site.I've got every episode
of "The Weird Al Show"(thank God).I just bought
Al's new "Poodle Hat" album.I love it!My favorite
song is "Genius In France".Anybody else out there
got "Poodle Hat"?

July 23, 2004
You are one of the greatest artists of our time!
Me,my friend Joey,and my other friend Andrew love your song "Hardware Store"(well,I do).Those
two like your "The Weird Al Show Theme".So do I.
Hope you get this Al.I'm so sorry that you lost your parents.Just know your fans will always support you!

Home Page July 11, 2004
Hello! Another teenage Al-Gal here! ^_^ This is one of my fave websites, evar. I only wish that the sounds worked! They worked yesterday! T_T Ah well, awesome site anyhow. ^_^

I love the episode summaries! I have a friend who's making me a DVD of the show, but I wouldn't have even known of it's existance if it wasn't for stumbling accross this site! Thanks for the awesome tribute to an awesome guy!

Age 14

May 24, 2004
Cool site I love "Weird Al"

Home Page May 3, 2004
weird al is the best bizatch

April 24, 2004
weird al is cool

scott April 23, 2004
Update: I was able to get it to work after I re-downloaded Real Player.

April 23, 2004
I was finally able to download one of the episodes but it has no sound. Everything else I download and play has sound.
Ideas anyone?

Home Page April 21, 2004
weird al rules!

April 15, 2004
I can't ever download any of your movie clips

Dustin or Dust_the_king April 11, 2004
Hi its me again I just love the songs that u have. thats all i have to say cause i'm board

Home Page February 8, 2004
I loved Weird Al so much when I was a kid. His show is something I think about once in awhile. It's like, "Remember Weird Al's show back in the day..." and I don't even remember what the show was about. All I remember is having alot of fun watching it in the mornings while eating grilled cheese. Thanks Al.
Luvz Sarah-kins

February 3, 2004
I love aLTV. I watch it every time it comes on.

Mike-rosoft January 29, 2004
Here are the links for the other 9 episodes:










Home Page January 25, 2004
Wow I never new he did a show!!! this site is kwl, keep it up :).

Mike-rosoft January 24, 2004
Nice site. The connection errors for downloading episodes are annoying, though. If anyone wants to download them with emule or edonkey, here are some ed2k links for the first 4 episodes + the intro + CBS commercial:







More to come after I download them from the site.

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