Ed Marques
Varna the Squirmese Cook

The Character

Varna the Squirmese Cook is one ofthe many friends of Al. Varna comes fromthe little-known island of Squirma. The people of the island considerthe hamster to be the tastiest, rarest delicacy in the world. Varnafinds hamsters so tasty that inEpisode #3611, he attempts to cookHarvey while Al is away. Thankfully, Al savedHarvey just in time.

The Actor

Ed Marques is of Portuguese heritage and was raised in Half MoonBay, CA. He briefly attended San Francisco State University, wherehe made his debut in the play "Rice Not Included." He spent manyyears honing his stand-up act in the San Francisco club scene, andis close friends with fellow SF comedian and SNL alum Rob Schneider.

Episode Appearances

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